Mirror, mirror on the wall

When the girl was five, she looked into the mirror and saw her hairties, each a different colour.

She would proudly show them to the other girls on her first day of kindergarten.

She beamed at herself, her teeth gleaming white against her skin.

When the girl was ten, she looked into the mirror and saw her thick hair. The girls at school called it "untamable" because it was always escaping their cautious, soft hands. She grinned at herself, her hazel eyes sparkling.

When the girl was fifteen, she looked into the mirror and saw her face, her black face that was too dark for society. People were always staring at it, with stares that seemed to reveal all her insecurities. She could see the markings of their looks on her skin like fingerprints.

She threw a last glance at her tired face and left. Now that she is twenty, the girl looks into the mirror and sees a woman. She sees the make-up that brings out her pretty facial features.

She thinks about how this cheap mirror has seen her grow up as she looked into it every day of her life. It saw a bubbly child, it saw an uncertain student, it saw a broken teenagerat her worst.

It saw how this teen got herself together to become a strong woman that is fighting every day.

They still stare at her, but she refuses to give up. She has learned to love life, but most importantly to love herself again. And because of that, she offers her reflection a slight smile.


~Johanna Winter, 10b

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